Recipe Boxes


I’ve been teaching Indian cooking for over 9 years and a number of people who attended my classes expressed that they would love to recreate my recipes if only they could get their hands on ingredients that I trust and use for my everyday cooking. It is this idea that led me to create and launch The Cookaway.

The Cookaway is UK’s first Chef-led recipe box brand offering authentic menus across multiple world cuisines. We’ve launched with three Chefs covering Indian, Italian and Healthy menus with three other cuisines (Japanese, Spanish and Pakistani) going live soon in 2020.

Each of our world cuisines is headed by an experienced Cookaway Chef who is passionate about the unique heritage, influences and ingredients of their food. Prepare to expand your horizons as the Cookaway Chefs share their favourite recipes from around the world.


  • Exciting world menus and recipes by real Chefs
  • Discover new ingredients and flavours
  • Full range of menus available to order anytime you like 
  • No weekly/monthly subscription whatsoever
  • Highest quality ingredients including premium oils 
  • Large selection of vegetarian and vegan menu

Simply choose one of our exciting menus and we’ll send you all the quality ingredients you need plus full instructions from our experienced chefs. Every detail has been carefully thought through, guaranteeing you a delicious and satisfying Cookaway adventure. Happy cooking x