About Me

I’m an Indian chef based in London and founder of ‘Meri Rasoi’.

The British love for Indian cuisine and their willingness to experiment inspired me to start ‘Meri Rasoi’ as an endeavour to introduce authentic Indian food in British kitchens. The plan was simple – easy to prepare food using traditional recipes handed down through the generations that could be built into weekly meal plans to provide a nutritious and healthy variety to the entire family.

My cookery classes have been hugely popular and now feature on several experience websites across London. I regularly run classes out of my private kitchen in addition to a number of demo cookery workshops for large groups and other private cookery events. For me the greatest joy from running Meri Rasoi has been about discovering new friendships and cultures through the common thread of food.

I embarked on this journey 5 years ago and in this time I’ve taught more than 300 students representing over 15 nationalities which has reinforced my belief about the universal love for Indian food and the need to demystify Indian cooking. If there is anything that transcends countries, cultures, languages and even kitchens around the world – it is the aroma of delicious home cooked food! There is nothing quite like it! My addiction to this wonderful aroma began with savouring home cooked food in my homeland. And being from an armed forces family, I had the good fortune to relish flavours across different parts of the country. My journey with food had begun right then, but I didn’t know it!

I grew up in India before moving to the UK in 2005. I’m a marketing professional and worked with various international consulting firms before deciding to give up my day job and follow my passion for food which was acquired through my childhood years having grown up in India. I’m also a mum to 2 kids who are my most honest critics.

Every detail in Nidhi’s food story paints a clear and colorful picture of India and its cuisine, a place I’ve never visited, and that just makes me so excited and inspired.

A Minute with the Maker: Real Food By Real People

The plan was simple – easy to prepare food that could be built into weekly meal plans to provide a nutritious and healthy variety to the entire family

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Bringing Indian Cooking To Your Kitchen

Last week, I hosted my ideal dinner party. A cook bringing the food and your guests cooking for themselves. That takes singing for your supper to a whole new level, doesn’t it! We had a great evening being taught to cook Indian cuisine by the lovely Nidhi who runs Meri Rasoi cooking school. She hosts private classes or you can go to her beautiful home for a lesson in Raynes Park.

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From Indian with love

Welcomed into her beautiful home, Nidhi quickly had me sold on the quality of her cooking just by expressing her passion and love for the flavours she’s picked up on her travels and recipes that have been passed down through her family

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5 Great Reasons to try a Cooking Class

One of the things I miss most about our old flat is the kitchen.I mean, I love our new flat to pieces, and it’s going to be SO lovely when it’s all finished. But until then, and right now, the kitchen just feels a bit bare and unloved.

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Spice Up Your Kitchen with Meri Rasoi

Over the weekend, the EmptyChair team met Nidhi, founder of Meri Rasoi – a chef based in the UK with a passion for making real Indian cooking accessible.

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